Are you searching for an expert in user experience research and design for your product or website?

I have worked with disorganized and quirky web systems that completely frustrate users. I have worked with different generations of users at various technical aptitudes. Part of my joy is talking to users and designing simple interfaces to solve complex problems for increased ease of use. My other joy is collaborating with a cross-functional team from development, marketing and product management in order to make the best products for the user and the business.






My Specialties

User Experience Design

Understanding the user, current workflows and pain points. Developing requirements to address the needs of the user and guide design updates.


Information Architecture

Taxonomy. Clear navigation design. Helping users find the content that they need by using the terminology that best speaks to them.



Contextual interviewing, qualitative and quantitative research. Analysis of current mental models and design patterns.


Interaction Design

Choosing the best designs for each platform. Tap or swipe? Rotate the app along with the device or lock to a vertical orientation?


Content Strategy

Engaging users through satisfying content. Writing for your audience from novice to power user.


Project Management

From kickoff with cross-functional teams to milestones for checking on progress. Aligning teams to achieve the target release date.


Usability Testing

Talking to real users early and often. Prototyping designs for early feedback and iteration.


Advanced Facilitation

Bringing out the best in meetings from conceptual brainstorming sessions to formal design reviews with senior stakeholders.